PIC-C Development

icrochip PIC is the microcontroller of choice after more than a decade of firmware development with an assortment of microprocessors ranging from the early Zilog Z80 to the Motorola 6805, 68HC11, and 68332. Each processor has a list of advantages and disadvantages, however; the PICmicro and PIC-C Compiler combination has proven to be extremely affective in all stages of development from concept feasibility to product delivery. In fact, the experience has been so exceptional that theByteFactory is a proud member of the Microchip Consultant Program! Microchip is constantly announcing new devices both analog and digital, and has shipped more than two billion PICmicro microcontrollers alone. Clients find the Microchip line of products to be affordable, reliable, and full featured. At the foundation of a typical PICmicro is a snappy RISC architecture with a wide variety of powerful on-chip peripherals such as FLASH memory, 8/10/12-bit A/D Converters, SPI™ and I2C™ busses, and a USART. Previous drawbacks to these devices such as user management of multiple code pages and RAM banks have been overcome by a fully optimized, C Language compiler. This PICmicro/PIC-C Compiler combination yields quick feasibility studies, shorter product design cycles, reduced development costs, and maintainable C source code.

theByteFactory has more than a decade of experience developing embedded firmware for various clients and applications. If your project could benefit from Microchip hardware or you need additional programming resources, then please consider contacting us.

Sample Experience:

RS232 communications
RS422 and RS485 multi-drop communications
ModBus communication protocol
Proprietary communication protocols
GPIB to Serial converters
Temperature and RH monitoring
PID temperature control
Energy metering and management
Satellite tuners
Video arcade games
Bootloaders and various development tools

ince 1992, theByteFactory has provided high quality software and firmware solutions at the technically advanced level that today’s products require and consumers demand.

We have expertise in the fields of Factory Automation and Monitoring using peer-to-peer networked nodes, embedded firmware development with a variety of microcontrollers and languages from Assembly to C, Windows applications ranging from local stand-alone to Distributed COM, and the development of multi-product Automatic Test Equipment.

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