LONWorks Development

ONWorks is an open-standard peer-to-peer networking platform created by Echelon Corporation. Distributed control is achieved through the exchange of Standard Network Variable Types (SNVTs) among the nodes that comprise the network. In general, each node will contain a Neuron chip. The Neuron chip provides three very important resources: the application processor, real-time operating system, and automatic network message handling. Neuron program flow is event driven and can be triggered by internal events or events occurring in other nodes elsewhere on the network. Therefore, the network itself is event driven. Applications for LONWorks networks are written in “Neuron C” which is ANSI C enhanced by language extensions exploiting the power of the LONWorks technology.

LONWorks technology is accelerating the trend away from proprietary control schemes and centralized systems by providing interoperability, robust technology, faster development, and scale economies.

LONWorks networks can range in size from 2 to 32,000 nodes and can be used in everything from petroleum plants to single-family homes, over a variety of media including Power Line Carrier. Communication among the nodes is typically peer-to-peer with no requirement of centralized control or data manipulation. Nodes in the same general category are inherently compatible because network data is recommended to be one of several predefined SNVTs. Intelligence in the nodes permits the distribution of data processing and the conversion of raw data to SNVTs. Sensors, for example, are intelligent and perform linearization, scaling, and apply calibration locally before the data is transmitted over the network. Network traffic can be controlled by configuring nodes to report only significant changes in their environment. The protocol for network communication is LONTalk and provides advanced services such as sender authentication, priority transmissions, duplicate message detection, collision avoidance, automatic retries, mixed data rates, mixed media support, and error recovery. For additional details, please visit Echelon Corporation.

Since its first LONWorks Conference and NodeBuilder purchase in 1996, theByteFactory has developed a wide variety of custom yet general-purpose LONWorks Nodes. If you would like to regain control of those expensive proprietary networks and combine them into one cooperative network, or if you already have a LONWorks network but need a custom application, possibly we could be of assistance. Contact us for more details.

Sample Experience:

Custom LONWorks Node development
Adding LONWorks network interfaces to traditionally non-networked devices
Node installation and binding
Router installation
Zoned and stand-alone HVAC control
Weather monitoring including wind direction and speed
Remote gate position monitoring and control from multiple locations
Area access control
Door monitoring with time stamping
CO monitoring and exhaust
Temperature and RH monitoring and alarming
Alarm relay monitoring
Local and remote display of critical information
LONWorks Network Browser Node

ince 1992, theByteFactory has provided high quality software and firmware solutions at the technically advanced level that today’s products require and consumers demand.

We have expertise in the fields of Factory Automation and Monitoring using peer-to-peer networked nodes, embedded firmware development with a variety of microcontrollers and languages from Assembly to C, Windows applications ranging from local stand-alone to Distributed COM, and the development of multi-product Automatic Test Equipment.

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