LCD/Keypad Kit

This 2 line x 16 character backlit LCD module and 4 row x 3 column keypad kit is a powerful expansion option for our PIC Prototyping Board, making it the ultimate PICmicro Development Tool. The kit is fully assembled and ready to connect to the pre-installed headers provided by the prototyping board. The LCD/Keypad Kit also comes with a pin-out diagram to aid with component integration into the user's final PIC design or adapting the kit to other hardware. These components are a good choice for any project requiring data input, user prompting, or debug message display. If used with one of our PIC-C Compilers, driver source code is not required as it is prewritten and delivered with the dozens of example programs bundled with the compiler. Several of the examples actually utilize the LCD and/or keypad to display formatted information and accept user input.

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Pen shown above for size comparison.  Not included with unit.


Cost effective
High quality
Fully assembled
2 line x 16 character backlit LCD Module
4 row x 3 column Keypad
LCD Module uses industry-standard programming model
Keypad matrix effectively adds 12 pushbuttons to any design
Compatible with our PIC Prototyping Board
No drivers required if used with one of our PIC-C Compilers
Includes pin-out diagram

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keywords: LCD Display, Key Matrix, Button Matrix, Keyboard Matrix, Dialpad

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