D-Erase UV Eraser

  $46.95  Discontinued Product  

The D-Erase UV Eraser is functionally equivalent to the world-famous Datarase II ACT eraser previously produced by Walling Company.

UVPROM, also known as EPROM, is a mature technology still commonly utilized for firmware development. The clear window found on these devices makes them very distinct. When this window is exposed to ultraviolet light the device will become erased and ready for re-programming. The amount of time required to complete the erase procedure depends on the quality of the UV light and the distance the window is from the UV light source. D-Erase is optimized to provide quick and thorough device erasure due to its high quality UV bulb and close proximity of the bulb to the device drawer. Other notable features are its Automatic shut-off timer with audible indication and flexible capacity. The D-Erase UV Eraser will provide quick firmware turn-around and is ideal for lab or light production use. It is also a great value.


Low cost
Accepts devices as large as 2.1 x 3.1 inches
Easily holds 8 Skinny DIP devices simultaneously
Quick erase times, commonly three minutes
Automatic shut-off timer, settable 2-24 minutes
Erasing/Bulb functional indicator
Erasure complete audible indicator
Anti-static ABS construction
Safety interlocked drawer
Lamp emissions: 4500 micro watts
Includes simple owners manual
Includes wall-plug style AC power adaptor (USA/Canada)
WARNING: Do not disable the drawer safety interlock. Ultraviolet light may be harmful to the eyes.

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