CodeLoader Programming Service

$9.95 Unavailable
Microcontroller not included.
 Please select one of our
PICmicros with FLASH
based program memory.

This service is available to customers who wish to defer or avoid the cost of a device programmer. By adding this service to the purchase of a microcontroller with FLASH program memory, the device will be delivered with CodeLoader preloaded into its program space. CodeLoader is an application that remains resident in the microprocessor and accepts a compilers output file as an ASCII stream, parses it, and updates the program space accordingly. This provides firmware developers with an easy and quick method of replacing the firmware in a microcontroller without the use of a device programmer. To discover the full advantages of using a bootloader, please refer to the CodeLoader download page.


  Crystal frequency and Watch-Dog Timer preferences will be conveyed through follow-up correspondence.
  Bootloaders consume some of the program space that would normally be available for the user application.
  The user prototype must provide a level shifting circuit required for serial communications with the host computer.
  In harsh electrical environments, bootloaders may become corrupted and require re-programming.

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