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Worldwide orders are accepted for products that are delivered electronically, such as Maintenance Agreements.  For products that require the services of a parcel carrier, theByteFactory accepts orders shipped to the United States and Canada.  If you are a Canadian customer please be aware that the Canadian Government sometimes charges a small Import Tax on tangible goods.


All prices are posted in US Dollars.

Primary Method: theByteFactory uses PayPal's secure Shopping Cart and payment service. The Shopping Cart is by far the fastest way to place and receive your order.  Customers trust PayPal because their Credit Card or other payment information is never revealed to the thousands of merchants who are PayPal enabled.  Best of all, this privacy adds no additional cost to purchases!

PayPal, the world's #1 online payment service, is accepted on over 3 million eBay and Yahoo! auctions and by thousands of online stores.  Over 30 million people in 39 countries worldwide use PayPal.

PayPal lets you send money safely and securely to anyone with an email address.  Did we mention it's free and easy?

Secondary Method: Money Order/Cashier Check, Company Check, and Company PO orders can be processed by special arrangement.  Please include a list of desired items, the UPS shipping method, and the shipping address for an e-mailed quote.  Note: An additional $10 processing fee will be added to Company PO orders.


Orders placed through the Shopping Cart are generally shipped the next business day by UPS Ground or Priority Mail (for small items or upon request).  The recipient's signature will be required upon delivery.

In situations where a multiple item order accumulates excessive Ground shipping charges, the customer is compensated with an express method of shipping that best matches those charges.


Shopping Cart Problems

Overly aggressive firewalls and Cookie blocking is by far the most common source of Shopping Cart problems that we experience.  Also, the Cart may not be compatible with Netscape 6.x and prior.  For best results we recommend Internet Explorer and loosening Cookie and Internet restrictions temporarily while processing the Shopping Cart.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

ince 1992, theByteFactory has provided high quality software and firmware solutions at the technically advanced level that today’s products require and consumers demand.

We have expertise in the fields of Factory Automation and Monitoring using peer-to-peer networked nodes, embedded firmware development with a variety of microcontrollers and languages from Assembly to C, Windows applications ranging from local stand-alone to Distributed COM, and the development of multi-product Automatic Test Equipment.

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