PIC Prototyping Board

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The Microchip PIC Prototyping Board is the ultimate PICmicro Development Tool. It is fully assembled and contains all the support circuitry required by the PIC microcontroller to operate, including 5-volt power supply, oscillator, and reset circuit. This allows the user to concentrate on the project at hand instead of repeatedly producing the same standard support hardware. Many products have had their beginning on this kit while dedicated printed-circuit boards were being produced. In addition to the pre-wired standard circuitry, the PIC Prototyping Board contains several user-mapable commonly used resources such as potentiometers, RS232 communication channels, pushbutton inputs, and LED outputs. These generic resources are mapped to the user-selected microcontroller I/O through the use of a multi-position prototype strip and included jumper kit. The prototype strip is also easily used to interface with custom user-generated circuitry required by each unique design. Header connections are also pre-installed for expanding functionality with the optional LCD/Keypad kit. With the addition of this kit, the user will have access to a 2 line x 16 character backlit LCD module and a 4 row x 3 column keypad, making this development tool extremely versatile. A standard In-Circuit Debugger connector is also pre-installed for firmware debugging/programming with the ICD-U40 or the ICD sold by Microchip. This prototyping board is suitable for developing firmware in both Assembly and C. It is the perfect companion to one of our PIC-C Compilers due to the fact that there are literally dozens of example programs bundled with the compiler that were specifically written to run on this hardware. Each example program contains wiring and jumper settings referencing the prototype strip and is ready to compile. The scalability of the PIC Prototyping Board makes it a great choice for both the professional and hobbyist.


Cost effective
Fully assembled
Accommodates a wide range of PICmicros
Expandable with optional standard accessories
54 position prototype strip giving easy access to all PIC I/O pins,
+5VDC and on-board resources
40-Pin Zero Insertion Force socket for long life (28-Pin ZIF adapter available)
Oscillator socketed for interchangeability
Reset pushbutton
Standard Microchip/CCS ICD (In-Circuit Debugger) connection
Two LCD display headers for flexible connection of optional LCD
Keypad header for easy connection of optional keypad
Generic user-mapable on-board resources:
2 channels of RS232 (Tx/Rx only)
2 pots for analog voltage selection (and optional LCD contrast adjustment)
2 pushbutton switches
5 Red/Green LED pairs
Ground and +5VDC
Includes 20 MHz oscillator
(Crystal and RC clocks may be used with user supplied header)
Includes standard DB-9 PC RS232 cable (Tx/Rx only)
Includes assorted jumper kit for on-board resource mapping
Includes full schematic
Includes wall-plug style AC power adaptor (USA/Canada)

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