ince 1992, theByteFactory has provided high quality software and firmware solutions at the technically advanced level that today’s products require and consumers demand. We have expertise in the fields of Factory Automation and Monitoring using peer-to-peer networked nodes, embedded firmware development with a variety of microcontrollers and languages from Assembly to C, Windows applications ranging from local stand-alone to Distributed COM, and the development of multi-product Automatic Test Equipment.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to evaluate a variety of hardware and software products and development tools. Of those products, some have proven to consistently deliver the type of performance that makes the difference between a good project and a great project!  As an added service to our clients and customers, the best of those items are now featured in our catalog. We welcome you to browse around; hopefully we have just the product or service to fit your needs.

LONWorks NodeBuilder

Take your factory automation to the next level with LONWorks technology. In facilities utilizing LONWorks networks even unrelated hardware can share information to achieve desired goals. High volume air compressors can coordinate energy consumption with the HVAC. The HVAC can change temperature settings in an area if it knows all the lights are off. The truth of the matter is, often, custom node applications are required to interface with legacy stand-alone hardware to attain this level of interaction. NodeBuilder is a powerful tool for developing node applications. Let us create one for you…  more


October 13 - The PIC18 version of CodeLoader is now available for download.

September 27 - The popular ICD-U40 PIC In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer has been added to the catalog!

August 23 - New Warp13 BluePole Firmware has arrived! Update for FREE.

June 22 - PCH anyone? Best price in the nation!

April 28 - CodeLoader is now smaller and no longer requires a Port Pin to trigger a Bootload prompt.

March 30 - The D-Erase UV Eraser has replaced the discontinued Datarase II ACT.

February 1 - You asked for it; you got it!  Lower CCS PIC-C Compiler prices!

November 4 - theByteFactory now ships to Canada.

October 1 - theByteFactory now sells Maintenance Agreements for the CCS PIC-C compilers PCW, PCB, PCM, PCH, and PCWH. Bought your compiler from another vendor… no problem!  Worldwide orders are welcome.

PIC-C for PICmicros

In the old days we all called our firmware software and wrote it in Assembly. Times have changed and so has our thinking. Now, firmware is firmware and software is software, but C is preferred for both. Assembly still has its place in small spaces and interrupt routines but, in general, C gels so rapidly that development teams use it everywhere possible. Base-line and Mid-range PICmicros are indeed tight spaces and until recently, screamed for Assembly. Introducing PIC-C, highly optimized for size and the peripherals of Microchip PIC Microcontrollers. What a combination, great RISC microprocessors with the power of C! Need something developed?…  more


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